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There is a little-known universe of jewelry designing and the process behind its production. Jewelry is like a miniature artwork displayed on your skin, connected with a special feeling imbued in every piece. TERCERO explores an inter-generational style of making jewelry using precious metals. Surrounded by a family of artists, a joint venture between a father & daughter was born keeping the family name and passing down the expertise of hand craftsmanship. The duo exploring unchanted territory of mixing modern trends with classic pieces, creating a unique synthesis between past and present all in pursuit of modern individualism.

“We think different and have our own perspectives of jewelry but there is a balance between us both as father and daughter. We share ideas for new designs and work together executing it. Between his years of expertise and knowledge in fine jewelry and my keen eye for the arts we combine our minds into one. Our collections are limited but meticulously created in our in-house design studio. Everything is made from beginning to end. Starting with the 3D CAD design, metal of choice, color, textures and stone options. We convey emotions in the things we create and provide a new perspective to jewelry.”

The bridge between art and jewelry has become a universal form of expression. TERCERO focuses on commitment to design and longevity.